Terms and conditions

Under the law, we protect your privacy at all times

R4B Capital considers it essential to respect privacy and the protection of personal data provided to it, while being responsible for its treatment.
Therefore, whenever any treatment is done, by R4B Capital, personal data of users, or other natural persons, namely for the purpose of providing services to such persons, such personal data will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy and always in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation.
It is not the intention of R4B Capital to direct the services it provides through this website to children or minors, so R4B Capital will not knowingly collect any personal data relating to children or minors, nor will it send any information to them. requests for such data to be provided. However, if personal data relating to children or minors are collected, they will be deleted and not used when unnecessary, or treated in strict respect by this Privacy Policy and by all national and international laws and regulations regarding protection. children's privacy in other cases.

Registration and use of personal data

Only R4B Capital will have access to users' personal data and may only share it with third parties with the prior consent of the owners.
“Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”), namely the name, e-mail address, postal address, title, date of birth, gender or profession.
Personal data provided by users through this website will be used by R4B Capital to (i) satisfy requests for products and services, (ii) personalize the experience of using the website by users, and (iii) keep them updated on new products and services or other information that R4B Capital deems relevant to these users.
These personal data are processed based on the users' consent, the need for their treatment for the execution of contracts to which the holders are a party (ie for the supply of products or provision of services) or for the fulfillment of legal obligations to which R4B Capital is attached, as the case may be.
When it is necessary to provide personal data within the scope of this website, users will be informed of the specific purpose of the processing of such data, as well as the legal basis for such processing and other information about the processing whose reporting is legally mandatory.

The simple navigation or access to this website does not necessarily imply the identification of the user or visitor, except when he registers on the website and accesses the website through his login and password, thus identifying himself. However, R4B Capital uses cookies to gather information about how this website is used. For more information, see the Cookie Policy here.
All personal data collected by R4B Capital are stored on servers and databases in which various security measures, of a technical and organizational nature, have been implemented, namely by restricting access to stored data to employees specifically authorized for this purpose.
As a rule, the personal data collected will never be communicated to third parties without the consent of the respective data holders, either at the time of collecting such personal data or later, unless such communication is strictly necessary to provide a particular product or service to the user. In this case, only the minimum personal data necessary to achieve the desired purpose will be transmitted to the third parties concerned.
The personal data that is collected will be stored for the duration of the user's relationship with R4B Capital (namely as long as their registration on the website remains active) and / or during the periods necessary to fulfill the purposes of their collection, being deleted immediately let that need cease. The processing of users' personal data for the purpose of sending communications regarding products, services or other information will cease as soon as the user withdraws his consent for the purpose, by the above mentioned routes.


External web services

We use external services to present content, but we are not responsible for your privacy and security policies. We recommend that you check them.
For the presentation of content on the website, R4B Capital may allow connection to third party services through the website - for example, to show images or videos, or to conduct surveys. These services are subject to their own Privacy Policies, and may collect data about the use made of these embedded content.
Therefore, we recommend that you review the conditions of use and the privacy policies of these services, to find out exactly how they use the information and to find out how you can delete or delete that information.
R4B Capital is not responsible for the processing of users' personal data that is made through these third party services, under the maximum terms permitted by law.

Security of personal data

We guarantee the protection of your personal data in the procedures we follow. We are counting on you to reinforce the security of this protection.
The personal data collected, stored and processed by R4B Capital are always protected by appropriate security measures, namely by an authentication / access control system (login and password), encryption (SSL) of personal data used in the processing of transactions or orders and other appropriate physical, electronic and procedural procedures.
However, to the extent that the collection of personal data through this website is done through an open network, R4B Capital cannot fully guarantee the security of such data, not only because it is not possible for R4B Capital to guarantee that its personal data are not seen and used by unauthorized third parties (despite the security measures implemented by R4B Capital to reduce this risk), as well as because such security also depends on the user's own conduct. Thus, the data subject must take all precautions to protect his / her personal data while using the Internet, namely by changing passwords frequently and using a navigation program that allows the use of encrypted communications (SSL).

Rights of holders of personal data

Users can contact R4B Capital to exercise their rights regarding the personal data they provide.
To exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, blocking or opposition to the processing of personal data that you provide, under the terms of Law No. 67/98, of October 26, you must send a written request to R4B Capital for the purpose, through the following email address: cfandr4b@gmail.com

Changes to the privacy policy

All changes to our Privacy Policy will be communicated to users.
The Privacy Policy can be modified at any time by R4B Capital.
Any changes that will be made will be communicated to users by means of a notice on the website's homepage, so that such changes can be immediately apprehended by all users. By continuing to use this website following a modification to the Privacy Policy that has been hereby communicated, it will be assumed that the user has become aware of and accepts the terms of the modified Privacy Policy.
For further clarification, please contact: cfandr4b@gmail.com