NPL's Evaluation and Management

Evaluation, Management and Recovery of highly complex Credits.

The credit recoverability assessment and analysis focuses on the financial investigation of debtors and guarantors and aims to calculate the effective value of the credit to date, anticipating execution, insolvency or normalization scenarios.

The simulation of the different possible scenarios will allow the creditor to decide the strategy to be implemented on a given credit, guarantees and guarantors.

Investor Advisors

We identify opportunities. We create solutions.

We work together with our national and international partners in the assessment, acquisition and management of asset portfolios with Portuguese Banks and other Institutions, ensuring their management and recovery, fulfilling the necessary reporting needs.

We find investment opportunities, through the acquisition of credit, and we try to combine the investment capacity with the business management capacity, supporting the creation of financial models, with the possible setting up of financing operations.

We position ourselves alongside the buyer, defining the exit strategy according to the nature of the credit under management, analyzing credits, collateral and underlying business, estimating the time and amounts of credit recovery.

Other services

Integrated Service Offering.

Through the aggregation of skills, we offer an integrated service offering and support our customers in creating value and sustainable growth.

Within the scope of the various business opportunities that arise through default and corporate stress, we support our clients in diagnosing and defining options for the recovery of companies, through the transformation of credits into capital.

Still in the universe of investment opportunities, originating in companies in difficulty, but still with business and activity, we diagnose the best ways to transact companies and create value in mergers and acquisitions, disposals or restructuring.

All work will always be performed using specialized legal support services.





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